NIP. 19540217 197701 2 001

Prof. Dr. Ing. Cynthia Linaya


Jabatan                                    : GURU BESAR

Kelompok Keahlian              : Physical and Inorganic Chemistry

1976 – Sarjana, Institut Teknologi Bandung, Indonesia

1978 – Magister, Universite Montpellier II, Prancis

1981 – Ph.D., Universite Montpellier II, Prancis

  • Membrane preparation: asymmetric and composite membranes are prepared using natural or synthetic polymers.
  • Membrane characterization: including permeability, permselectivity, morphological structure and mechanical properties of membranes.
  • Membrane applications: clarification of turbid water, textile waste water treatment, and desalination.