MBKM Program Undergraduate Chemistry Study Program: Industrial Internship in Even Semester 2021/2022 Fiscal Year

Program MBKM Prodi Sarjana Kimia: Magang Industri pada Semester Genap TA 2021/2022

The Chemistry Undergraduate Study Program organizes MBKM Chemistry Study Program: Industrial Internship, equivalent to 20 credits, for final year students.

In this Industrial Internship activity, students will be placed in industry for 1 semester (about 4-5 months) and get the following 20 credits:

  • KU3029 Independent Project 6 credits (External Elective Course)
  • KI4212 Practical Work 2 credits (Inner Elective Course)
  • KI4011 Industrial Internship 8 credits (Internal Elective Course)
  • KI4091 Final Project I 4 credits (Compulsory Subject)

The supervising lecturer in this activity will be the participant's Final Assignment supervisor.

In the Even Semester of FY 2021/2022, five Chemistry Study Program students took part in this Industrial Internship MBKM activity. Amalia Ridha Rahma (Chemistry 2018), Mayla Dara Novinanditha (Chemistry 2018), Yolanda (Chemistry 2018), and Sri Widiyanti (Chemistry 2017) carried out internships at the Coal and Geothermal Mineral Resources Center, Bandung. Carolina Virdilia (Chemistry 2017) carried out an internship at Kimia Farma, Banjaran. All participants also receive incentives for the preparation and implementation of these internship activities.