Broadly speaking, laboratories within the ITB Chemistry Study Program are divided into two groups, namely educational laboratories and research laboratories. Laboratory division is carried out based on scientific field groups.

Coordinator: Dr. Dikhi Firmansyah, S.Si., M.Sc.

Deputy Coordinator: Dr. Muhammad Iqbal, M.Si.

Head of the Jatinangor Lab: Dr. Handajaya Rusli

Educational Laboratory:

  • Basic Chemistry Laboratory of Ganesha Campus
  • Jatinangor Campus Basic Chemistry Laboratory

Analytical Chemistry Laboratory

Lab Leader: Dr. Rusnadi

Education Laboratory

Research Laboratory:

  • Electrometry Laboratory
  • Separation and Speciation Laboratory

Physical Chemistry Laboratory

Lab Leader: Dr. Rachmawati

Education Laboratory

Research Laboratory

  • Material Physical Chemistry Laboratory
  • Core Chemistry and Electrochemistry Laboratory
  • Computing Laboratory
  • Corrosion Laboratory

Inorganic Chemistry Laboratory

Lab Leader: Dr. Eng. Yessi Permana

Education Laboratory

Research Laboratory

  • Solids and Catalysis Laboratory

Organic Chemistry Laboratory

Lab Leader: Dr. Robby Roswanda

Education Laboratory

  • Ganesha Campus Organic Chemistry Laboratory
Research Laboratory
  • Synthesis and Natural Materials Laboratory

Biochemistry Laboratory

Lab Leader: Dr. Yanti Rachmayanti

Education Laboratory

  • Ganesha Campus Biochemistry Laboratory
 Research Laboratory

Teaching Chemistry Masters Educational Laboratory

Lab Leader: Dr. Elvira Hermawati, M.Sc.

Location: Basic Science Center A Building (BSC-A), 2nd Floor.