Bachelor of Chemistry

Head of the Chemistry Undergraduate Study Program


Anita Alni, Ph.D

NIP. 19830105 201212 2 003

Chemistry Undergraduate Study Program, Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences (FMIPA), Bandung Institute of Technology organizes undergraduate level educational processes in the field of chemistry. The Bachelor of Chemistry Study Program, FMIPA, Bandung Institute of Technology is the oldest Bachelor of Chemistry Study Program in Indonesia which was founded in 1947. The ITB Chemistry Undergraduate Study Program is accredited A by BAN-PT (National Accreditation Board for Higher Education) and obtained RSC Accreditation (Royal Society of Chemistry), UK since March 2013 and was updated in 2018.

Besides being supported by 55 teaching staff, most of whom hold doctorates and 11 professors, the Chemistry Study Program at FMIPA-ITB is also supported by modern laboratories and adequate library facilities to enable quality research work to be produced. The Chemistry Study Program FMIPA-ITB also has very good collaboration with similar study programs at various domestic and foreign universities as well as various industries, research institutions and government agencies.

The aim of the Bachelor of Chemistry Study Program is to produce graduates with the following characteristics:

  1. Having the character and personality of a social and academic person, who is curious and wants to progress, is environmentally aware and sensitive to the needs of the Indonesian people who are developing.
  2. Has high knowledge and skills in various fields of chemistry, and has basic knowledge of other sciences that are related or support that knowledge, so that he is able to solve various chemical problems.
  3. Able to communicate scientifically and able to develop themselves further considering the rapid development of science and technology, so that he can win to compete in the global market.

Become a provider of integrated education, research and application of chemistry (integrated chemistry) of international quality based on the latest scientific developments and is recognized as a reference institution that is actively involved in national and international scientific networks.

  1. Organizing educational, research and community service activities creatively and innovatively, guided by values and norms that are recognized and applicable in society and supported by openness in a conducive academic atmosphere.
  2. To produce graduates in chemistry who have cognitive abilities, a high work ethic, responsible attitudes and behavior and always uphold the truth, so that they are able to face future challenges full of change and sophistication.
  3. Contribute to the development, application and dissemination of chemistry through research as a contribution to the treasury of science and technology and play an active role in solving various problems related to chemistry in society for the welfare of the Indonesian people in particular and humanity in general.
  4. Helping the development of chemistry education in other public and private tertiary institutions in Indonesia and completing basic education for other departments/study programs that need it.

The selection of new student admissions at ITB is through two mechanisms, namely SNMPTN and SBMPTN. Accepted and registered students will go through two stages of education to obtain a bachelor's degree. To graduate, each student must complete a minimum 144 credits which is divided into:

  • 36 credits of courses Joint Preparation Stage
  • 108 credits of courses Undergraduate Stage

You can see a list of the ITB Chemistry Undergraduate curriculum here.

The ITB Chemistry Undergraduate Study Program Leaflet can be seen here.