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Prof. Ismunandar, Ph.D


Jabatan                                    : GURU BESAR

Kelompok Keahlian              : Kimia Fisik dan Anorganik

1992 – Sarjana, Institut Teknologi Bandung, Indonesia

1998 – Ph.D., University of Sydney, Australia

  • Material Kimia AnorganikThe research underway in our laboratory is directed towards understanding of how the structural and electronic properties of metal oxides influences their properties. To do this it is necessary to study the oxides using:
  • Various synthetic method: hydrothermal, sol gel, and flux methods
  • Bulk structure determination, the structure of the metal oxides can be determined by powder diffraction, using neutron or X-ray (laboratory and synchrotron) source
  • Atom simulation, despite the steady increase in computer power, we are not yet able to model all physical processes, so methods employing interatomic potentials are still very useful. We are using atomic simulation methods for structure and doping predictions and complementing the lattice energy approximations.