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ICFMS 2020 (International Conference on Frontiers in Molecular Sciences 2020)

International Conference on Frontiers in Molecular Sciences 2020

In celebrating the 100th year of higher education of engineering in Indonesia, ITB especially the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences would like to broaden the link and cooperation with many great names in the scientific fields. It has been a tradition that every other year the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences of ITB invites a Nobel Laureate to give a lecture in a conference. Some of the names that have been invited to ITB are Professor Brian P. Schmidt (2011 Physics Nobel Laureate), Professor Peter Agre (2003 Chemistry Nobel Laureate), and Professor Robert Huber (1988 Chemistry Nobel Laureate). This tradition was started to initiate and inspire young students and young researchers in ITB to chase excellence in research.

On 2020, with the upcoming celebration of 100th year of higher education of engineering in Indonesia, ITB proudly announces that Professor Ben L. Feringa of University of Groningen as the 2016 Chemistry Nobel Laureate will come to ITB. The relation of ITB and University of Groningen itself has been a long cooperation with several double degree and sandwich programs that goes back to 2004. In the visit, Professor Feringa will give a lecture in ceremony of ITB anniversary on March 2nd, 2020 and also at the International Conference on Frontiers in Molecular Sciences.

There are 4 main activities will conducted from 2-4 March 2020, such as

  1. Dies Natalis Institut Teknologi Bandung (2nd March of 2020). Professor Feringa will attend and give a speech in this ceremony. This is part of the Celebration of 100th year of ITB as Engineering Institute in Indonesia which will be held in Sasana Budaya Ganesha (SABUGA).
  2. International Conference (3rd March of 2020). We will conduct a one day conference entitled: International Conference on “Frontiers in Molecular Sciences” featuring Professor Feringa as keynote speaker and internationally renowned scientists as plenary speakers that will cover the topics of Chemistry and Life Sciences with participations expected from national and international community.
  3. Workshops for Education (3-4 March 2020) Workshop will be carried out as satellite activity concurrently held with this event targeting High School Teachers from Indonesia. Workshop participants are welcome to attend the Lecture Series for free.
  4. OKTAN (National Chemistry Olympiad for High School Students) Another satellite activity to be carried out as series of events is OKTAN, which will be held in January 2020. The Winner in OKTAN competition will be invited to attend the Nobel Laureate Lecture in 3rd March 2020 to inspire the future generations to pursue science.

With the visit, ITB hopes to continue the tradition of having distinguished scientists coming and giving a lecture to ITB. We hope also Professor Feringa can inspire and motivate our students and young staffs to be excellent in science and share his success story in academic and scientific carrier. For further information please visit